Utility Truck & Trailer

Utility Truck & Trailer


Is your business mobile? Have to haul your trailer full of equipment from job to job? Make sure it all gets there in one piece with proper cargo control equipment. Here at Mill Supply we offer a wide variety of options to keep your gear safe during travel. We carry Backrack products to keep things in your pickup bed secure and to protect your cab window, lashing rings, ramps, towing and cargo straps, trailer tool racks, replacement mirrors, pintle hooks, receivers, hitches, suspension helper springs such as Timbren, toolboxes, and trailer lighting!

We carry the popular Timbren Suspension Enhancement Kits for various different vehicles. These suspension helpers are easy to install, save you money in the long run, provide a more comfortable ride and have a great warranty. By installing these simple helper springs, your truck will be able to handle loads much better than before. Timbren's also keep maintenance costs down because they help your truck handle the workload more efficiently.

Don't forget to grab some of our LED trailer lights! Our Maxxima LED lights are some of the best around and will make sure other vehicles can clearly see your trailer when your moving from one job to the other. One small accident with your trailer can costs thousands of dollars of damage to your equipment. Keep safe with our high visibility LED trailer lights that won't break the bank.